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Maldimar appears by dragging an old trunk between clouds of dust and papers yellowed from time.

she invites the spectator to enter his own universe, made up of ropes and knots,

small daily spells, gears that do not know what they are moving.

Simple gestures seen through the eyes of a child are transformed into spectacular,

and spectacular acrobatics that bring adults to the amazement of children.


Beneath and above are only words,

gravity does not exist,

height is measured by imagination.


In the world of a child everything makes sense, united by the unique thread of the imagination.

Even when you are alone there is always an imaginary friend ready to play with you.


Poetry, improvisation with the audience, aerial acrobatics with ropes

and an aerial puppet

are the elements that fill the world of Maldimar.

Video Promo Maldimar "Immaginaria"


Artistical Dossier


Technical Rider



Aerial Structure Plan



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